Student FAQs

How do I buy TutorDollars?

Buying TutorDollars is simple. From your dashboard on the left panel menu go to “Tutor Dollars”, click on Add Tutor Dollars. Enter the amount you’d like to add, select the payment preference (PayPal or Stripe) and click Pay Now to proceed. For PayPal login details will be requested and for Stripe it’ll request your card details.

What equipment do I need to use MyTutorConnect?

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • iPad (any version) running iOS 4.0 or later
  • Android tablet running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later with microphone and LARGE or XLARGE screen
  • Mac OSX 10.6.8 or later, Intel CPU
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS (Chromebooks)

The HTML5 client should run on any browser that fully supports HTML5 (currently, Chrome and Firefox on all devices except for iPad). Edge and Opera should work with all features except desktop sharing.

Internet Connection/Bandwidth

In order to use video or desktop sharing, all users require a minimum of 256kbps of both upload and download bandwidth, but for optimal performance we recommend 1024kbps download speed and 512kbps upload if using desktop sharing and/or video. Check your bandwidth here.


Any browser which supports HTML5 features will work with MyTutorConnect. However some browsers do not support all HTML5 features.

  • Chrome: all features supported
  • Firefox: all features except drag+drop from another website (you can only drag+drop or copy/paste from your desktop)
  • Opera: all features except screen sharing
  • Edge: all features except screen sharing and drag+drop
  • Safari: you must install X11 and the MyTutorConnect plugin.
  • Internet Explorer: only supported for Windows (not Mac). In order to use Internet Explorer, you must have permission to download and script signed activex controls (this is the default security setting). If you have changed the default security level in Internet Explorer you will either need to add to your “trusted sites”, or you will need to click on “custom level” and ensure that “download signed activex controls” is set to “prompt” and “run activex controls and plugins” is set to “enable” and “script activex controls marked as safe for scripting” is set to “enable”.


1Ghz CPU (but 2Ghz with dual-core CPU recommended for optimal performance when using desktop sharing), with 512MB RAM.

For audio: users must have a headset.

For video: users must have a webcam (including built-in webcams).

How much does it cost to use MyTutorConnect?

There is no fee, commission, or cost to connect with tutors and industry professionals on our website.

How do I hire a tutor?

It is easy to find and hire a tutor on our website. You can search our database for qualified tutors based on your subject and grade level. You can also send out a “Tutor Request” to a roster of our tutors who specialize in the subject you require assistance with and let them get back in touch with you. This is the quickest way to find a tutor on our website. You can then book a free “Meet the Tutor” session, to connect with and meet the tutor in our virtual classroom, before confirming a session with them. You can also, Request Resume Writing services, H.W, and Consulting from tutors and industry pros on our website.

Note: Some tutors may not have this “Meet the Tutor” feature enabled on their account.

What are MyTutorDollars?

TutorDollars is a form of currency that is used in all website transactions on MyTutorConnect. 1 TutorDollar is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. Tutordollars are used to book lessons and purchase services through our website.

How do I post a review for my tutor?

For Academic Sessions held in the virtual classroom. After the session is complete, from your dashboard click on “Public” or “Private” request. Click on “close post”, then click on “Give Rating”.

For Ask a Question/Consulting Sessions, click on “The Solution Center”, then click on “Completed Requests”, then click on “Give Rating”.

For the Resume Writing, click on “The Resume Writing Center”, then click on “Completed Requests”, then click on “Give Rating”.

Note:To rate a tutor you must schedule and pay for all sessions/services through our platform. If you schedule and pay for sessions/services with a tutor/service pro outside of our platform you will not be able to rate that tutor/service pro on our platform. Furthermore, paying for sessions/services with a tutor/service pro outside of our platform is a violation of our TOS.


What is MyTutorConnect and how is it different from the rest of tutoring websites?

MyTutorConnect is an innovative online learning platform that helps to connect high school, college and adult level students with experienced and qualified tutors and educators across an array of specialized disciplines. MyTutorConnect offers Live face to face tutoring through our Virtual Classroom, Homework& Assignment Assistance, Premium Resume Writing Services, and Live face to face Consultation and Lessons with a plethora of industry professionals. Moreover, we stand apart from our competitors, by not charging a commission on our tutor’s earnings. This allows tutors to charge a lower rate to students. Most importantly there is no fee for using our website.

What is a Top Tier tutor?

A “Top Tier” tutor is a tutor who has earned a consistently high rating of 4 ½ to 5 stars in administering Live Tutoring Sessions to students, Assisting students with their Homework & Assignments, and writing Resumes for students. “Top Tier” tutors have a golden trophy& leaf icon on their profile.

What subject and levels are offered through MyTutorConnect?

MyTutorConnect offers an array of lessons across a spectrum of specialized disciplines to assist high school, college, and adult level students with their educational requirements. You can view all of our subject areas by clicking on the “Browse Lessons” tab.

What is a tutor request and how do I send one?

A tutor request allows you to select the subject and level of tutoring you need assistance with, in which you can then send a message to all tutors on our roster who specialize in that subject, to let them know what you would like assistance.

What is a “Meet The Tutor” Session?

A  “Meet the Tutor” session gives students and parents the opportunity to have a FREE 15 minute consultation and meeting with a tutor, via our Virtual Classroom, before booking with them. In this way you will know if a tutor is the right fit for you or your child before confirming a session with them. Tutors have the option to enable/disable this feature on their account.

How do I re-schedule a Live Tutoring session with a tutor?

To re-schedule a live tutoring/ consulting session:
If You scheduled the session through “The Virtual Classroom” then:
click on the cancellation button, under “upcoming sessions”, which can be accessed from your dashboard. Then contact the tutor using the messaging system. Once you have done this the tutor can provide you with a new session date, or you can reschedule with another tutor of your choosing. Please keep in mind this needs to be done within the tutors allowed cancellation window.

If You scheduled the session through “Skype”, “Zoom”, or in person then:
Contact the tutor using the messaging system. Once you have done this the tutor can provide you with a new session date, or you can “request a refund” and reschedule with another tutor of your choosing. Please keep in mind this needs to be done within the tutors allowed cancellation window.

How do I book a Live Tutoring Session with a tutor?

To book a live tutoring/conference session, it is best to first message the tutor directly and request a session date. The tutor will then confirm or let you know the best date and time for the session to take place. Then:
To book a Tutoring Session in “The Virtual Classroom”
From the tutors profile, click on “Request Tutoring Session” to schedule and lock in the session with that tutor.

To book a Tutoring Session via “Skype”, “Zoom” (or in person)
From the tutors profile click on “Ask a Question/Request Consulting Session” to schedule and lock in the session with that tutor.

Can I cancel a scheduled live tutoring sessions after I have already made a payment ?

You can cancel and be refunded for a live tutoring session up to a certain amount of hours before the session is due to start, depending on your tutor’s cancellation notice policy. If you would like to cancel a session, please contact your tutor.

What happens if a tutor decides to cancel a session?

If a tutor cancels a session they must issue you a refund or you can choose to re-schedule the session for a later time with that tutor. Tutors must give students at least 3 days notice that they will be cancelling an upcoming session. Tutors who have a negative pattern, of not giving students sufficient notice of cancellation may be removed from the system.

How do I launch the Virtual Classroom?

You will be provided a link via the e-mail on your profile for the Virtual Classroom session. You can also test out the virtual classroom prior to a session via the “Virtual Classroom Demo”.


How do I view previous recorded live tutoring sessions after they are completed?

You’ll be able to watch past sessions via your dashboard under the tab for past sessions. It’ll provide a log of all past sessions and a link to the videos of the ones recorded. These will be available for a 30 day period.

How are refunds/disputes managed?

Should you not be satisfied with services rendered by a tutor/service provider, you will have the ability to request a refund. This will send a notification to the tutor so that you and the tutor can try to resolve the issue.
If both parties involved cannot come to a decision, then you can create a dispute. In which, our support team will get involved to make a determination. Communication about the dispute will be seen between all involved parties until a decision is made.Refunds are concluded with students getting credits/Tutor Dollars back to their account.

How can I see communication from my tutor?

General communication between a student and tutor is mainly seen in the left menu under “Messages”.


How do I access my dashboard?

Your dashboard is accessible by clicking on your name on the top right and your menu options will be on the left panel.

Is there a way to have an overview of my account?

Yes you will be able to have a full overview of your account & your account activities via your dashboard. You can do the following from your dashboard:
– Find Tutor (Search for Tutors)
– Request A Tutor (allows public tutor inquiries)
– Watch List (for saving any Tutors for future viewing/reference)
– Chart of My Leads (shows an overview of your Tutor Requests/Inquiries)
– My Tutors (Quick view of the Watch List)

Where do tutoring/consulting sessions take place?

Where a tutoring or consulting session takes place is up to you and your tutor. Sessions can be held in person, through “The Virtual Classroom”, through “Skype”, or through “Zoom” video conferencing.
However if you choose to receive sessions via Skype or Zoom (or in person) you must schedule and pay for the session with your tutor by clicking on “Ask a Question/Request Consulting Session” from the tutors profile.
Note: We cannot get involved in any payment disputes that you may have with a tutor or refund you for a session if you pay the tutor outside of our platform. Moreover paying tutors outside of our platform is a violation of our TOS. Tutors are encouraged to report any student/parent who asks them for payment outside of our platform. Similarly, if a tutor asks you to pay them outside of our platform report them to us immediately .