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Service Providers

Tutor FAQs

What equipment do I need to use MyTutorConnect?

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • iPad (any version) running iOS 4.0 or later
  • Android tablet running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later with microphone and LARGE or XLARGE screen
  • Mac OSX 10.6.8 or later, Intel CPU
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS (Chromebooks)

The HTML5 client should run on any browser that fully supports HTML5 (currently, Chrome and Firefox on all devices except for iPad). Edge and Opera should work with all features except desktop sharing.

Internet Connection/Bandwidth

In order to use video or desktop sharing, all users require a minimum of 256kbps of both upload and download bandwidth, but for optimal performance we recommend 1024kbps download speed and 512kbps upload if using desktop sharing and/or video. Check your bandwidth here.


Any browser which supports HTML5 features will work with MyTutorConnect. However some browsers do not support all HTML5 features.

  • Chrome: all features supported
  • Firefox: all features except drag+drop from another website (you can only drag+drop or copy/paste from your desktop)
  • Opera: all features except screen sharing
  • Edge: all features except screen sharing and drag+drop
  • Safari: you must install X11 and the MyTutorConnect plugin.
  • Internet Explorer: only supported for Windows (not Mac). In order to use Internet Explorer, you must have permission to download and script signed activex controls (this is the default security setting). If you have changed the default security level in Internet Explorer you will either need to add to your “trusted sites”, or you will need to click on “custom level” and ensure that “download signed activex controls” is set to “prompt” and “run activex controls and plugins” is set to “enable” and “script activex controls marked as safe for scripting” is set to “enable”.


1Ghz CPU (but 2Ghz with dual-core CPU recommended for optimal performance when using desktop sharing), with 512MB RAM.

For audio: users must have a headset.

For video: users must have a webcam (including built-in webcams).

What are MyTutorDollars?

TutorDollars is a form of currency that is used in all website transactions on MyTutorConnect. 1 TutorDollar is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. Tutordollars are used to book lessons and purchase services through our website.

How will I be notified if a client is interested in my services?

You’ll receive an e-mail in addition to a message on your dashboard.

How/When do I get paid?

Payments are distributed once weekly on a Sunday.Payments are provided via PayPal.

How much does it cost to use MyTutorConnect?

We do not charge you anything to find and connect with clients through our platform. Unlike most tutoring companies, we do not take any commission on your earnings. Instead, we deduct a flat service fee of $52 per week from your earnings (once you are earning $52 or more per week through our platform).

How can I find potential clients?

It is easy to find clients on our website. You can search our database for clients based on their subject and grade level. You can also reply to “Consulting Request”, “Service Request”, and “Tutoring Request”.

How can I see communication from clients?

General communication between a client and service provider is mainly seen in your dashboard under “Messages”.


Is there a way to have an overview of my account?

Via your main dashboard screen you’ll be able to view the following:
– Find Student
– Subject Management
– Lead Statistics (Matching + Total subject leads)
– Latest Leads (Feeds of the latest subject leads related to your field)

*Note: A subject lead is when a student requests help from a tutor/service provider in a particular subject category. A matching subject lead results when a student request help in a subject that you teach. Total subject leads show the total amount of subject leads/tutor requests that are on the website for the different subjects at a particular time.

How are Refunds/Disputes managed?

Should a student not be satisfied with services rendered they’ll have the ability to request a refund. There will be a “Refund” button in the workroom. This will send a notification to you (the tutor), so that you and the student can try to resolve the issue.
If both parties involved cannot come to a decision, then the student can create a dispute. In which, our support team will get involved to make a determination. Refunds are concluded with students getting credits/Tutor Dollars back to their account.

How do I access my dashboard?

Your dashboard is accessible by clicking on your name on the top right and your menu options will be on the left panel.

How do I get reviews from clients?

Clients will only be able to post reviews on your profile if they have scheduled and paid for your services through our website.To rate a service pro a client must schedule and pay for all services through our platform. If a client schedules and pays for your services outside of our platform they will not be able to rate you or post a review on your profile.