About Us

Connecting you with service providers from around the world.

About Us

Student & Client Benefits

MyTutorConnect offers live face to face tutoring sessions & lessons with experienced and qualified tutors & service providers via our Virtual Classroom, Skype, Zoom, or in person.

Homework & Assignment Assistance

Recorded Tutoring Sessions(students can record and access their tutoring sessions from their profile for up to 1 month)

Premium Resume Writing Services

Students get a FREE Trial Session with tutors before they are hired. Students & clients get 24/7 access to tutors, educators & service providers who are being consistently rated.

In Addition The following Specialized Services are offered through our website:
• Music Production
• Vocal Coaching
• Legal Consultation
• Financial Advisory
• Medical Advice & Consultation
• Dating & Relationship Advice
• Health and Well-being coaching and much more.

We also have many interactive Chat Rooms to socialize in so that you can chat with your friends and make new friends.

Moreover, we stand apart from our competitors, by not charging a commission on the service providers earnings. This allows tutors & service pros to charge a lower rate to their clients.

Most importantly there is no fee for using our website.



Flexible scheduling while you earn.



Added revenue stream for you.


At MyTutorConnect we DO NOT use a commission structure. Unlike most tutoring agencies we do not charge a commission on your earnings when you tutor and connect with students on our platform. So tutors keep most of their profits. Under a commission structure the more tutors earn, the more commission that is deducted from their earnings. This means that tutoring agencies take a % of your earnings, every time that you earn a profit. As a result of this, tutors often have to log an unreasonable amount of hours to make a somewhat decent profit. With MyTutorConnect, tutors have an unlimited earning potential. This is because we do not use a commission structure when educators tutor through our platform.

Approved tutors who are earning $52.00 or more per week tutoring through our platform will have a flat $52 service fee deducted from their weekly earnings. This fee covers software usage and development, marketing, website hosting, and website development, for users tutoring and connecting with students through the MyTutorConnect platform.

1. Search

Utilize our database of students and educators to find that perfect match.

2. Connect/Meet

ake advantage of our communication tools to simplify all efforts.

3. Learn

Get ready to expand your knowledge as tutors share their wisdom to get you going.